Keep that fire burning.

A year ago today we left ‘Muricah (planned pre-election, but added benefit). I still remember me waiting 9 hours at the airport after my own 15 hour flight and us reuniting and navigating city streets in a new country trying to find our hostel. - If you told me in one year I’d visit 6 countries, live in 2 major cities in different continents, cut my head open, almost die on my first paddle boat experience, lead motorbike tours in Vietnam, and get my first taste of pink eye, I would’ve never believed it. But it all happened. - More thanks to this girl who’s a constant inspiration balancing out my realistic expectations with her little dreams she always fulfills and infectious laughter (snorting included). Thanks for being the navigator, letting me cry on your shoulder, and constantly lifting me up. I could not have done this without you (because I lost my wallet the day before departure). My fellow drunk slag, Hawaiian princess, and smelidureli, we fucking did it. I look forward to our years to come 💞

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I just wanted to share this poem with you. - "This too shall pass" is the one phrase that gets me through everything for years. - Because once you are aware of it, nothing can stop you. . . . . . . . It is said with a gaze as steady as sky wispy and wavy but never a lie It is said with a smile small or unseen careful and quiet for all that has been - when trouble crashes over you when hardship cracks the ground when pain pierces past your skin when walls are your surround stop take a breath and remember this too shall pass - when joy makes you giddy when brightest blinds your gaze when pride holds you up above when easiness lets you laze stop take a breath and remember this too shall pass - treasure every moment learn from every pain gather in your memories they are what you truly gain live every second love with all your heart never give in or give up embrace every new start - everything is precious all of life is glorious because this too shall pass ~Joeline Rayment #travelingthroughtheworld #travellingthroughtheworld #lovetraveling #travelers #travelgirlsgo #worldtravelpics #worldtravel #familyadventure #workfromhomedad #makemoney #wealthbuilder #residualincome #wifiwealth #workfromhomemom #wfhm

Indonesia — it was 8 days of nonstop adventure with you. Traveling solo has never been this fun! Your food is amazing and addictive, your country is beautiful and exciting beyond words and you have one of the kindest people in the world. Before I head home, I leave you with this photo that pretty much sums it all up❤️ (And of course, a final jump shot😀) AKU CINTA KAMU, INDONESIA!

Monday mood after #lesbleus won last night 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

Night & day 🌙✨☀️ #architecturelovers #Singapore

- A whaletale in paradise... 🍷❤️🇮🇹 - (And the huge tale on display at the small cosy fishingboat harbour of Camogli Port looks indeed exactly like this around midnight Italian style!)

- Well - to be honest, the colors etc didn’t look exactly like this, but the drink was certainly good and in paradise one is expecting in a way that the view and general atmosphere are to be great like here on this heavily edited photography ❤️🇮🇹🍷 - - (Photoediting is a useful tool if you want to make your photos look as far away from the real thing as possible, anyhow it’s great fun to play a little with your precious photos if you can make also others happy😱☮️🔥)