Buenos días!!! Ya tienes claro las estrategias que implementarás en tu negocio y cómo lo harás?? . . Si la respuesta es “Si”, excelente!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . . No llegas al lugar deseado sin antes definir el trayecto...y si pudieras llegar, tendrías que reconocer que te costó más esfuerzo y tiempo que a otros! 🤓☝🏻 . . La planificación es la clave! 😉👌🏻 . . #planning #marketing #strategy #target #doit #dontquit #wecanhelp #wearemarketers #wearemarketingplanners

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Roma, 9 e 10 giugno. Una due giorni Masterclass intensiva sul marketing e non solo. 🙇🏻‍♀️
Come tornare da un weekend di lavoro e formazione “sazia” di nuove incredibili conoscenze. 🧠 “Il novanta per cento del successo di qualsiasi prodotto o servizio sta nella sua promozione e marketing.” (Mark Victor Hansen) 📌 E sì, anche per il tuo Locale, Ristorante o per la tua professione di Personal Chef. Giacché mi occupo di ristorazione, tanto vale specificarlo. 😉🍴 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hai mai realizzato Facebook Ads di successo che ti abbia generato X clienti o X fatturato oltre al ROI?

Some months ago, I met with a networking group and we got on the topic of the inherent challenges of writing quotations for clients. One of the things that makes this process difficult is the awkward and sometimes fear-inducing question we ask: What's your budget? Why do consultants ask you about money? Let's begin with you. You need some work done so, you call or email a consultant or two or three to get quotations for services. "How much it will cost to do "x?" Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn't it? Yet the truth is, I can't always answer that seemingly simple question in a direct way because (and here's where a bit of scepticism may enter on your part) I want to be sure that what you're asking for will get you what you want. One question is: What's your budget? Generally, we are uneasy talking about money even with our best friends. Then there's a fear of being taken advantage of; many believe that if they state their budget up front, the consultant will inflate the cost of service to fit the budget. That may happen in a tiny minority of cases, but more often it's because consultants want to do the most they can within your means. There is no point in preparing a quotation for services that cost $20,000 if you have $2,000 to spend and the opposite is also true. A high quote against a lower budget may scare you off, as it may cause you to believe that you can't afford to have anything done. A low quote against a higher budget can be equally off-putting as your project won't get the focus that your budget allows. Sure, $20,000 will buy a lot more than $2,000 and will get different results, but that doesn't mean $2,000 won't get any results or that the work isn't worth doing. A smaller budget may simply mean that the work may be done in stages or may focus on a particular need instead of tackling many things at once. When we know your budget, we can be more useful to you. It really is as simple as that. #consulting #communication #budgets #strategy #planning

It's Monday! We would love to hear what you have been working on. Share your responses on these two questions! 👍 1) What did you accomplish last week that you strategically worked on? 2) What are you working towards this week? ✍ #bigorsmall #intentional #planning #strategy #monday #motivation #itstime #getafterit #jlgreenfarm

The slug represents letting go and moving slowly. It teaches one to pace themselves with determination, strategy, strength, and persistence. Teaches us to see in times of darkness, when to act and when to withdrawal. It needs nothing for it’s always moving to where the rewards are. #slug #animalmedicine #determination #strategy #strength #persistence #slugmedicine #metaphysical #mystical #spiritualist #spirituality #spiritual #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #spirit #source #enlightenment