🎭🎻 @sydneyoperahouse has banned the use of straws in its six restaurants #sydneydoesntsuck 🙌🏽🇦🇺 . . 🎶 The Sydney Opera House has decided to commission @francesca__pasquali , the #Italian artist is known for repurposing everyday objects to make installations, sculptures and wall-based works that are not only beautiful but thought provoking and hopefully will encourage us to examine our own consumption 💡 . . 🎨 Francesca will be creating the artwork #live during the Opera House’s Antidote Festival opening the first weekend of September 🍂 . . We will keeping an keeping an 👁 on this space, cannot wait 💃🏻💃🏽 . . 🥤If you cannot #reuse it, try to #refuse it ✋🏽 . ✨ 💕🐠 . .

How would I describe who/what I'm swimming with in this pic......these beautiful creatures are nothing but beautiful, graceful and actually super chill to swim with. Just an FYI though, You ARE NOT on their menu. Sharks get a terrible rep from the media in the news and movies as being a man eating killing machine and they are 100% wrong. What they don't show you are things like these. 70 MILLION - 100 Million Sharks are killed a year. Mostly for a bowl of un nutritious soup. Who is the real killer? Truth is they are so important to our survival. "They are the white blood cells of the ocean" ~ @oceanramsey they eat the dead, diseased and weak fish. That keeps our ocean healthier which in turn, makes a healthier you simply because no matter where you are, with every breath you are connected to the ocean. (70% of oxygen comes from it) 📸 x @mermaid_kayleigh 👙 x @kys_kinis shark tooth top and @breathless_collective leggings with @oneoceandiving #dontfearthefin #coexist #lavashark @savingjawsmovie @respect_the_fin @oneoceanglobal @oneoceansharks #killer NO #sharkfishing NO #sharkfinsoup #stopsucking #sharklove #mermaid #hale #home huuuggeeeeee #mahalo to the wonderful team at @oneoceandiving for having me out. I could not be more thankful

The institution of love called marriage,is been threatened. #Street_Matters went into town to search for answers to this critical question; What are the causes of problems in marriage? I.e Watin dey cause problem for marriage? (Pidgin). Different people, different views. The aim of this episode (topic) is to learn and make amends,where necessary. Watch and drop your view. @thechefchi @_md_beaute @akubud1k3 @tiwasavage @unicefmada @lovesoulclinic @its__denike @redcarpetontv @tontolet @official2baba @kapturephotogenic @nduplaylist #love #marriage #relationshipgoals #divious #advice # #family #tv #program #stopsucking #owanbe

Straws are BIG news. But should we keep talking about them? Yes. Should we ALSO move the conversation forward? HELL YEH! They’ve been the flagship species for plastic awarenesss, with people and restaurants taking a stand to go straw free to save a it ending up a Turtles nose. But there is increasing discord within the environmental movement over straws. And thats because straws are meant to be a gateway into the rest of plastics. Instead they’ve become this hugely overwhelming percentage of plastic talk, and allowed business to conveniently and easily “tackle” their plastic problem by ONLY getting rid of straws. That’s not tackling plastic. So, understandably people are getting antsy. They want to the conversation to move on, for us to tackle bigger plastic problems. Microfibres from our clothing is a BIG topic that needs more heat (metophorically, NOT literally!) Sure, personally I’m tiring from the straws conversation and the nitty gritty painstaking debates arising from it. BUT. I LOVE the awarness of the continued talk about straws, in the hope it leads to other plastics reduction. I love inspiring and empowering change. If straws are how most people can START to reduce plastic, great. Everybody is on a different stage of using less plastic, whilst we’ve spoken a lot about straws already, this is aaaall new to some people. And, of course, I still find A LOT of straws on the beach. No matter how much my personal patience runs dry, it doesn't change the fact we are dealing with the repercussion of their use. We have to deal with them, and so completely ignoring or bemoaning straws doesn't really help the issue or the people trying to change it. Staying positive, inviting and aware of people at different stages of plastic free, IS helpful 😃 Keeping the conversation moving is also incredibly important! Whats a plastic use that doesn't get a lot of awareness that you think should? . #stopsucking #straws #noplastic #plasticfree #plastic #zerowaste #wastefree #zerowastelifestyle #conservation #environment #environmentalist #conservationist #earth #ecofriendly #ethical #greenlife #greenliving #selfie #bethechange #ocean #oceans #marinebiology #beachlife #beach

Ditch plastic straws now!

“It doesn’t seem like a lot of money for people who are buying the gifts but it is a lot of money to the people on the ground” . Have you ever thought about the power of corporate gifting? It's a market worth $60 billion in the US, where large companies give employees or clients seasonal gifts - and for small sustainable businesses like @ouryuhme it means the power of their social impact can be magnified to help the charities like @water_for_good they're working with. . All power to the people. . #water #waterbottle #givegoodgifts #goodgifts #giftsforher #giftsforhim #giftinspo #wishlist #socialentrepreneur #cleanwater #nowaste #chemicalfree #crueltyfree #circulareconomy #zerowaste #carbonneutral #stopsucking #ecofriendly #waterforlife

The Red Beret Hotel (one of our favourite pub feeds) has joined the plastic straw free venue list saving over 20,000 plastic straws a year now! If you haven’t been to the beret you are missing out!! @_theredberet well done! Did you know? Paper straws are the only biodegradable sort that is recommended for any venue within a 200km radius of the ocean. Why? Paper straws will soften in just a few hours, whereas PLA and oxy-plastics remain hard and rigid for years in any and every environment posing a threat to marine life, wildlife and choking waterways. Even if you dispose of them in the bin they still end up in landfill and won’t actually breakdown unless they are exposed to the exact enviro conditions - high UV high O2 and high temps. #paper #alltheway #redberet #reducereuserecycle #refusethestraw #refuse #noexcuseforsingleuse #red #pubmeal #pubfeed #pub #aussie #supportlocal #bestcalamari #cheersguys #stopsucking #sipdontsuck

Look at that straw! See it! Just look at its beauty! It’s a glass straw from @thesurfcafeuae in Dubai! Not a single use plastic straw ... how awesome is that! So much love for marine life. #noexcuseforsingleuse #plasticpollution #fortheoceans #uae #stopsucking