We love @Marvis_USA toothpaste so much, we’ve put it in all of our #SmileCycle starter kits (along with a bunch of other goodies).

As you think about the day, forget the troubles and remember the blessings. #greatday #gratitude #wisdom #choosehappy #inspiration #mindset #lifecoach #smilemore #loveyourlife

Transformation Tuesday?! I just wanted to share a short story of my acne troubles with you💕 I’ve never had extremely bad acne, but I’ve had it bad enough to lack confidence, depress me and make me not want anyone to look at me. I finally went to a doctor to look at it about a week ago and started using prescription topical creams. As a holistic nutrition student, I like to choose the natural approach before medical ingredients, but after multiple attempts the natural approach just was not working for me. This is how my face looks after just 1 week of using prescription cream! I feel so much more confident. I feel so much happier and so eager to talk to people and be social! ❤️😍 I feel more like myself and it is a joyous feeling❤️ Happy Tuesday! . . . #acnetreatment #confidence #beyourself #beconfident #makeshithappen #bikinicompetitor #smile #smilemore

l o v e c h u u u . . . x o x o

🌻 Have you ever had that in your life? People you meet, they arrive in your life at a key moment, and then leave peacefully the same way, like if they had "lifted you up" and finished their mission? They appear when you're going through something very tough, at a point where you're hopeless and lost. They don't actually "do" anything, but they "AWAKE" you. The more you see them, the more you think, open your eyes, empower yourself, wake up, and change your life. It's like they've been here to guide you through what you've been facing and help you to bring the best of yourself. And then, one day, when you're finally back on your feet, life make them leave, just at the right moment - Maybe to go & "help" somebody else who's lost as you were? ✨ This may sound insane, but it happened to me twice. And there's no words to explain how powerful it feels! I don't know what it is, I don't think it's pure coincidence, I don't know if I was just lucky, or if there's some kind of "guardian angels" in this world... All I can say is THAT wasn't just random ❤ Those people don't know it, I never told them, maybe by modesty, maybe because I wanna keep that mysterious eerie thing as it is, and because I don't think they did it conciously, but they have NO idea how big they were a part of huge life changing moments in my life, and I can't express how lucky & grateful I am to have crossed their path. I wish you to have that kind of experience, meeting Beautiful Souls like those two I've met in your life as well. This world is full of incredible beings 🙏✨ We should open our eyes and our hearts more often and be open to meet them.

As a couple counselor, I often hear about partner’s good intentioned attempts to FIX the other partner’s problem. E.g. “She was anxious so I said everything will work out.” Sounds like the right answer? It’s not. Why? Because COMFORT is not the same as FIXING. Comfort is allowing the other person to air out their fears and hurt without judgment, with full validation. Fixing is actually shutting down their emotions with vague positive thoughts and telling them what to do differently. ✅Next time you’re tempted to FIX, think: Am I talking WITH this person or AT this person? Am I caring for their HEART more than I am about the situation?

SMILE more! FROWN less! Life is about being happy will experience all your endeavors. Always look for the good in every bad scenario. It’s not worth wrinkling your beautiful face/skin 🤗🤗🙃🙃😇😬😬

Por que melhor que ser flor, é fazer florir.🌸🌸🌸 #boatarde #smilemore #happy #blesssed #❤

That moment wen u are alone with yo thots and you find yoself smiling... #smilemore

Believe Beyond Reason! “Doubters are all around us. Sometimes, even in the mirror. That’s ok! Believers are there too-if you look for them. Be sure to look within yourself for the confidence you can cultivate. After all, who is going to believe I you if you won’t believe in yourself?” #helloextraordinary

~ Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about~ 💘 #smilemore #weddingseason 💝💝