More sweet things from sweet people. Stress relief gifts from @feliciamariecooper and a card from work. Even if the card is just a ploy to convince me to get a library hedgehog... 😂 #coloringbook #sisters #hedgehog #hedgehugs #librarylife #bookworm #smallgreatthings @jodipicoult

It’s book club night tonight. We are discussing Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. So excited to see my girlies for our 38th selection. Love or hate Jodi she gets you talking. I liked this book, it was my favourite of hers to date. Of her 20+ novels I’ve read 4 I think. I’m partial to courtroom drama must come from my days of watching Columbo with Mum. Have a great weekend all, mines off to a great start! 🍷📚🍷📚🍷📚 • • • #aussiereaders #beautifulbooks #bibliophile #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookish #booklove #booklover #booknerd #bookporn #books #bookstagram #bookworm #library #livre #novels #read #whatimreading #knjiga #sjpbookclub #smallgreatthings #jodipicoult

Nytt från bibblan! Det var länge sedan jag läste något av Jodi Picoult. Älskade hennes Allt för min syster - en av mina favoritböcker. Jag vet inte varför jag har läst så få böcker av henne när alla låter så intressanta. Det får bli ändring på det! Den här låter som en bok i min smak och jag har sett den hyllas i flödet. Har höga förväntningar på den och längtar efter att läsa en bok som riktigt griper tag. #småstorasaker #smallgreatthings #jodipicoult #louisebäckelinförlag

Ce livre, je ne l’aurais peut être pas acheté aussi rapidement si l’avis de @littleprettybooks n’avait pas été aussi élogieux. Mille mercis Fiona ! 🙈 Jodi Picault est une auteure que je n’ai jamais lue. Pourtant, paradoxalement, elle demeure une certaine source sûre pour moi. Je sais que je vais aimer ces écrits alors ces romans me sont précieux 🌸 #jodipicoult #millepetitsriens #smallgreatthings

My review for small great things by Jodi Picoult is finally up! Sorry it's taken so long I just got so wrapped up in City of Brass that I forgot to post this! Aha ☕ My nails match the book 😍 ☕ Also I've finished City of Brass and my goodness all the love I have! I'll let you know when that review is up! ☕ What's your favourite Jodi Picoult book? ☕ Direct link is in my bio! #bookblogger #bookstagram #books #booknerd #booklove #instaread #bookish #bookaholic #read #instabooks #bookoftheday #botd #bookworm #instablog #igreads #website #reader #qotd #readersofinstagram #bookgeek #bookaddict #bookalicious #fiction #bibliophile #review #bookreview #jodipicoult #smallgreatthings #recordofabibliophile

I finished Small Great Things the other day by Jodi Picoult. I know that this is based in America so it’s probably very different over there than over here so I really tried to keep an open mind throughout. I felt really awkward reading it at times though, Turk made my skin crawl and at times Ruth annoyed me too. But I still felt empathy and was pretty much horrified the whole entire story. I was just really really aware that it was written by a white person and towards the end of I was kind of bored of reading what felt the same message over and over and over again. The storyline it’s self was good though, I really enjoyed it. Although is that a bad thing, should I have enjoyed reading that? Meh, it’s kind of left me feeling guilty and confused. Did anyone else have mixed feelings about this one? Either way I ended up giving it 4/5 for the storyline.

#velkemalickosti od #jodipicoult - zatiaľ len rozčítaný príbeh, v ktorom Afroameričanka Ruth pracuje už viac než 20 rokov ako zdravotná sestra. Jedného dňa sa však v pôrodnici objavia rodičia, ktorí si neželajú, aby sa dotýkala ich prvorodeného syna. Ten, v jej prítomnosti neskôr zomrie. Obvinia ju a celá situácia sa medializuje... Chceš vedieť viac ? Prečítaj si ju. 🧐 #dnescitam #tipnaknihu #knihomol #dnesctu #kniha #bookstagram #bookaholic #book #smallgreatthings

After more than a year of reading off and on, as is typical for me, I finally finished this incredible novel by my favorite author. Based on a true story in Flint, Michigan, I highly recommend it and I'm really hoping for a Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain movie. (You'll understand when you read it). #jodipicoult #smallgreatthings #booksaboutracism

My favorite part of summer in Houston? The hot and muggy weather is perfect for curling up on my couch with my favorite books! My #summerreading is loaded up and I can’t wait to plow through these books! #chinarichgirlfriend #richpeopleproblems #surpriseme #thewhistler #always #thecuriousincidentofthedoginthenighttime #smallgreatthings #thegirlbefore

SMALL GREAT THINGS by @jodipicoult Príbeh zasadený do dnešného sveta, stále plného rasizmu 🙅 Kniha zaznamenáva príbeh sestričky na novorodeneckom oddelení. Čiernej sestričky. Prečo, to zvýrazňujem? Lebo okolo toho, sa točia osudy miliónov ľudí a obsah tejto knihy. Po pôrode prvorodičky, sa o jej dieťaťa starala "biela" sestrička. Všetko bolo v pohode, až kým neprišla výmena zmien a o dieťatko sa začala starať "čierna" sestrička. Mladý pár, ktorý sympatizoval s nacistami, sa len ťažko prizeral tomu, ako ich telíčko malého dieťatka chytá do rúk táto "neželaná" osoba. Po rozhovore s riaditeľkou nemocnice, ju od týchto rodičov odvolali s tým, že si neželajú, aby sa ich syna za žiadnych okolností nedotýkal afroamerický personál. Lenže, čo keď dieťatko prestane dýchať, a vy by ste boli jediní, kto by mu mohol pomôcť? "Čo by ste poslúchli - rozkaz alebo svedomie?" Kniha nezaznamenáva len súdny spor, ktorý bol mimochodom veľmi dobre spracovaný. Zaznamenáva tú podstatu, pre ktorú bola táto kniha napísaná. Rasové predsudky 👦👦🏻👦🏼👦🏽👦🏾👦🏿 (Už ste si aj vy, vybrali farbu svojich emoji, ktorých používate?) 😔 Môžeme tvrdiť, že ich nemáme, môžeme tvrdiť, že vieme ako sa cítia... Vážne? Viete, aké to je, keď vojdete do obchodu a predavači vás nespustia z očí len preto, lebo ste "čierny"? Akoby ste mali na čele napísané, že idete kradnúť? Samozrejme, že to nevieme. Vojdeme do obchodu, niečo si hneď otvoríme, pretože sme strašne hladní, však čo, na pokladni to zaplatíme. A teraz si predstavte, že ste "čierny". Stále si myslíte, že by ste si to mohli dovoliť? Rasizmus tu je, aj keď ho popierame, aj keď tvrdíme, že rasisti nie sme. Sme. Všetci. Kniha, o ktorej som premýšľala ešte veľmi dlho po dočítaní a stále premýšľam. Túto knihu, si jednoducho musí prečítať každý. Je to naša povinnosť. Ľudská povinnosť ♥

whats in the glass is needed to get through this book! #allthefeelings #smallgreatthings @jodipicoult this book has inspired me. idk how you managed to capture a narrative that you could not begin to understand, but you did it well and with respect. This is an important read. Im only on page 110, but just know that this book grabs you by the collar and doesn't let go. #vicseral

Book Clubbin Day! Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult 🍿📚🍫 #smallgreatthings #bookofthemonth #daytimebookclub #maybookclub2018 #oldfriendsarethebestfriends

Ruth Jefferson is a labor and delivery nurse. The parents are white supremacists who don’t want Ruth, an African American, to touch their child. Ruth is alone with the baby when it goes into cardiac distress. She’s faced with the option of following orders or following her heart. The choice that she makes leads to a difficult journey and a controversial lawsuit. Jodi Picoult is well known for tackling sensitive subjects with a unique insight and awareness. In Small Great Things she takes on the task of trying to display racism and the effects of it. This book, like many of her others, will evoke such strong emotions. These are the best types of books to read. They say ignorance is bliss, and that may be true, but I’d rather try to look at other perspectives and develop more empathy. As a hospital employee, I can only hope that that my fellow employees display as much strength and compassion as Ruth did. 5/5⭐️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #smallgreatthings #jodipicoult #bookstagram #booksbooksbooks #books📚 #ballantinebooks #rainbowbooks #ilovebooks #igreads #igbooks #reader #readersofinstagram #readmore #bookrecommendations #allthebooks #bookworm #bibliophile #readinglife #womenwriters