22/07 - The king of Monopoly has arrived @alecmonopoly

Here is a super short and basic progress post of how I do my sketches. I start with a super light hand (because I hate erasing, and the Pencil I use don’t erase very well - the Pencil is pilot color eno!). I start with a circle and put down the face shape and go from there. I sketch as much of the figure as I can before I start adding details. This makes it easier to see the big picture and avoid having to erase after you’ve put down details and heavier strokes. When I’m happy with the light sketch I start adding details. After this I go over all the lines several times to make them bolder or more pronounced. This is just my process, and is by no means the only or best way to sketch! But hopefully it can be somewhat helpful or cool to see! #traditionalart #sketchbook #moleskine #pencil #pilotcoloreno #illustration #pencildrawing #drawingtutorial