Intuitively, I think about communication with an audience as a visual shorthand: some visual symbolism that means one thing to two different eyes, experiences, and possibly even cultures! And sometimes I'll design something with one idea, and then look at it later to see that it reminds me of something: something that I DON'T want the audience to associate with that design, and...and I just want to chop those happenings up to experience. Experience....and having the opportunity to chase progression instead of being stalled with perfectionism.

49/100 Yesterday, as I finished checking out at @traderjoes, my cashier put a bouquet of flowers in my cart and told me it was just because he wanted me to have a great day. And I burst into tears. Because it was the kindest, most unexpected thing that has happened to me in a long time. . . And since then, every time I look at/think about the interaction or those flowers, I feel really emotional because, WE ARE IN CHARGE HERE, Y'ALL. It's not the crappy leaders or the angry drivers or the people who only think about themselves. WE-you and me- determine our experiences and the experiences of people around us. We can choose to cast a shadow or a light. We can choose to support others and extend radical love. We can meet people where they are and leave people better than we found them. We can let everyone around us know, "you are not alone"! . . You are not alone, friends. . . You can see days 1-49 of my #100daysofdrawingattention project on my IG profile, in a highlight. #the100dayproject #sketch #micronpen #sketchbook #tinymge

Pancakes with a glass of orange juice -breakfast

I loved the Cell Games Saga! This is a Cell Jr. work in progress.

So I know I haven’t posted in about a week or two and I am very sorry for that. I’ve been busy studying for my AP test and finals so I haven’t had time to draw. Schools almost over though so I’ll be able to draw more very soon. #artsoninstagram #art🎨 #drawing #markerdrawing #micronpendrawing #micronpen

👉 Swipe. My usual style of hyper-detailed cultural patterns, layered with doodles that symbolize the duality of snake symbolism: positive/negative, life/death, good/evil 🐍

Happy World Goth Day 🦇🖤 One of my goals this summer is to stop neglecting this account so much, and what better way to start than this very @jpahonen inspired doodle of my love @fallxchild and me. The Belzebubs aren't necessarily goths per se, but they're definitely pretty spooky and I love that series dearly #worldgothday #doodle #sketchbook #blackandwhite #micronpen #jpahonen #belzebubs #goth #blackmetal

All the positive feedback has lit a fire under my ass! 🔥😏 Thank you 🙏💚⭐️

I used to just crastinate. Then I decided to go pro. ———————————————— Greens, Yellows, and Blues for #lettersthatblend with @thiswritingdesk @wishjoyletters @carolicityletters @georgenicholasdesigns @lettersthatblend ———————————————— #letteringchallenge #blendingchallenge #lettering #letteringdaily #handlettered #handlettering #modernlettering #fauxcalligraphy #tombow #tombowdualbrushpens #micronpen #procrastinate #procrastination #gopro #funny #funnyquotes #puppy #sleepingpuppy