Keeping it simple

Good morning ☀️

Most of my macro photos are typically shot at least 2:1 life size ratio or greater which is considered the super macro range. Initially I was drawn to increasing magnification and learning how to approach subjects without spooking them. The more I shot the closer I wanted to get. The importance of patience and approach to photographing nature can be a trying task, especially as self-expectations grow. I have a deep appreciation for wildlife photography because it can be as unpredictable and frustrating as it is rewarding. But it’s all worth it. So this shot is a reminder (just as much to myself) how small and elusive many of these subjects really are. They may look large filling a frame, but the reality is this smart little jumping spider is a mere speck on the ridge of my index finger knuckle. I’m thankful this technology has developed to allow such a glimpse into the miniature world that thrives all around us. I’ve got some new shots to share each day for this coming week and many more to make. Back to the super macros after this! Single exposure with mp-e 65mm and mt-24ex flash.