Committing to take a lighter approach to myself and to life - particularly when it comes to the day-to-day stresses that I have been known to take wayyyy to seriously - is one of the best things I have ever done. We don’t need to carry it all. 💫💫💫 via @onbeing

Amazing show last night!! Thank you 😌😌😍😴🍄💦💦💦

Boat on the Sea | Summer

Sara wasn't too old. Bartimaeus wasn't too blind. The samaritan woman didn't have too many divorces. The bleeding woman wasn't too unclean. . There is NOTHING that makes us TOO far gone where Jesus will not love us!! You were created to be YOU. There is no one else like you that can change the world like you can. There is no one else that carrys the beauty that you carry. . What's holding you back? What's standing in your way of being free to be yourself? . I pray you see the reflection of all that is beautiful when you look in the mirror. I pray that the beauty Jesus sees you with is what you grasp and hold onto tightly. I pray that you are so empowered y the grace and love God extends you that you start to feel the beauty that is deep with in you rise up abling you to take your place of FREEDOM in this world. Chains be broken, lies be lifted, hearts be restored and souls be set free ❤ #restoration #new #warrior #beautiful #beYOUtiful #life #lightseeker #feel #graspit #freedom #nomorefear #free #chainsbebroken #toofargone #jesus #nothing #divorce #sick #dead #alive #forgiveness #letitgo #virtuouswomen #warriorprincess

One more from this session 🔮🔮 and I can’t promise there won’t be more 🙈🤤

This sweet babe kept sneaking his tongue out during the session. It was the cutest little thing. Sweet cheeks.

Happy 4th Birthday! You girls have made me stronger than I could have ever imagined. You have taught us so much about ourselves and made us better humans. Thank you for choosing us to watch you grow into kind, spirited creatures - we love you big time 💗