Judge me when you are perfect.

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#lifelesson if you scared say you scared and then focus on going for what u know! Everything #great is on the outside of #fear!!! Talking to you, you, and ME!!!

One thing I’ve learned and want to pass on to my kids is that no matter how strange or weird or different you feel-someone out there can relate. Your strangest thought or quality is shared by someone. Yes everyone is unique, but you are never alone. You may feel alone, or isolated or that everyone around you is “normal,” and you’re just “not.” But it’s all a facade. The world is a big place. Bigger than your church or school or neighborhood. And somewhere in this big old world there are people just like you, or alike enough. And it’s ok to be different than your friends. If everyone was the same, how boring would that be? Not to mention, most people have things about themselves that they don’t tell you-or anyone else, because they’re embarrassed, because it makes them feel weird or different or strange. So don’t hide your different, don’t hide your weird, don’t hide your strange. Someone out there needs to see it. Someone needs to know they’re not alone either. And someone will love you for it. Shine on friends, and don’t forget to tell your kids. (Also, Jesus is everything-he’s always there and he is FOR you! He was an outcast, he was different, he was misunderstood and rejected, he can relate!) #beweird #bornthisway #notalone #shineon #bigworld #whatisnormal #lifelesson #jesus

Homeschooling is an interesting thing. The last few months of the school year this girl hasn’t wanted to do any school work. She’s young enough that we didn’t force the issue. We just let her stop. A couple of weeks ago she asked to do school. ⠀⠀ —a quick side note: we believe life is learning. That said, we do use an online curriculum for accountability and honestly for convenience— ⠀⠀ So my husband opened her student portal and in week she finished first grade. Then she completed second grade science and social studies. THEN she completed third grade social studies! ⠀⠀ I am always so amazed at watching my kids make developmental leaps and I’m always so honored that I get a front row seat to watching it all unfold. ⠀⠀ #homeschool #time4learning

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We are all back to work this morning which now includes this guy👆🏻! Clyde was assigned his first ‘official’ chore over the weekend to let the chickens out in the morning and check for eggs. Changes always feel like they happen overnight and once again ‘all of the sudden’ this guy seems like such a big boy 👦🏼. I’m hoping a list of chores will make his turning 4 feel a little easier 🤣. What are your thoughts on chores? Do your kids have any? If so, what are they and at what age did they start? Do you offer an incentive for completed chores? If so, what is it? We are giving Clyde coins right now but it’s not terribly formal and I keep thinking this is a great opportunity to teach him something valuable. Would love your thoughts👇🏻🙏🏻

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A little bit of Monday motivation for you today Whether it's your business, your health, your family or another goal you're working towards, get that passion firing and do your best! We all have things we can't avoid that cause us stress but focus on the positives and get it done so you can focus on your true passions. It'll all be worth it in the end! What are you working towards today? Let me know what your passion is in the comments below #osteopath #osteopathyworks #osteopathy #smallbusiness #localbusiness #mondaymotivation #motivation #hardwork #workhardplayhard #passion #lifelesson #getitdone