7/4/18 #Days #waybackwednesday #latergram Will returns to the Martin House to find a frantic Paul who had been unable to reach him! Somehow in this re-emergence of Will Horton, he has become the one with nerves of steel and calming the roaring waters! . . #daysofourlives #horita #willhorton #paulnarita #chandlermassey @therealcmassey @mrchristophersean

Vans wearing knight #latergram

Forgot to post these from my cousin’s wedding #latergram #family

"Foto inaspettate" non proprio riuscite 😅 #latergram #weddingday

Morning Sunrise🌤😍

Je ne suis pas là pour votre amusement, franchement je ne penses pas que vous ayez envie de jouer avec moi. #french #tattoo #frenchboy #jemaime #wave #latergram #canon750d

Tell me, what's your November? Is it a person? Mine was the summer [‘18], I remember... #selfie #summer2018 #latergram #andbylatergram #imeanmonths #wheresmckay ? . . . . So, I’ve been all over the place this summer and instagram wasn’t one of them. But over the few adventures I embarked on, someone welcomed me into a beautiful two story yellow town home. I fell in love and vowed I’d get one myself. I’m in the process of doing so with my childhood sweetheart. Circumstances have been insane in between losing my job through corrupt politics to facing fears to traveling to states alone to changing my employment field entirely in efforts to actually make a difference. I need to remind myself that the moon must fight gravity every day to rise again. Flowers must push through dirt to blossom in the sunlight. Geodes must bare incredible amounts of pressures to grow their precious gems inside. I shall grow and grow, if only I let myself.

A beautiful start to the day — this was the face I made during most of my interview with a small business owner from Nigeria this morning. No, she didn’t say anything strange that led to this face; the connectivity in Nigeria is quite poor compared to what we’re used to in the U.S., and other Western regions, and I had to open my ears and hold my face this way to facilitate the clearest hearing on my part. I held onto every word she said about her business; her model, successes, and challenges. Her needs, like better electricity and Internet to enhance her operation — we take so much for granted here, and I can’t thank this woman enough for letting me into her life and experience for one hour today.

Mm.donuts #latergram