I honestly can’t believe this has happened, i have been working six years for this opportunity. I can finally say to my friends and family, i am a WWE Superstar. So let’s get down to real talk, i am here for one reason and one reason only and that is to be the best. I will scratch and claw my way to the top and defeat one of the greatest, Shayna Baszler i am ready to break you’re arm and become what this locker room really needs, a real champion, not a paper one. The arm bar will always be better than the chokehold. Because all the choke hold does is make people pass out but with the arm bar you can BREAK her or his arm. So Shayna watch out because i am coming for you’re NXT title. I will also be entering the mae young classic two, and i will go on to win it and become the best woman of that tournament.

Ready to race...

happy #8yearsofonedirection 💛💙!!

🔪| I’m watching love island for the first time and fucking hellllllll javi is such a mug