Happy Friday everyone heres some great home workout ideas that you can do this weekend save it and give it a try from @jsatter_fitness It’s #workoutwednesday 💗💪🏻 ♥️ Today’s #homeworkout requires #minibands and gliders focusing on the #lowerbody ✅ And morning snuggles with my little guy 😍 ✨ Mountain climbers ✨ Reverse lunge ✨ Lateral lunge ▪️ ▪️ #jsatterfitness ▪️ ▪️ #fitmom #postpartumfitness #fitforlife #resistancebands #humpday #postpartum #healthymom #womenshealth #coretraining #functionalfitness #postpartumjourney #thexbands #bootybands #resistancebands #homeworkout

There’s nothing like a tasty taco dinner to wrap up a busy week! I started with @mariaandricardos sprouted grain tortilla, and added: 1. Roasted cauliflower (1 head chopped) and chickpeas (1 box) tossed in 1 Tbsp avocado oil then seasoned with 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp garlic powder, and salt to taste. I roasted these at 400 F for about 30 minutes. 2. Guacamole (1 avocado, juice of one lime, 1/2 cup chopped tomato, 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro, and salt to taste - all smashed up), and 3. Fresh shredded red cabbage! 4. Enjoy your easy vegan taco party... yummm! 😋

You guys! Today's BOGO is too good not to share! Buy one 15mL OnGuard e.o. ($32 wholesale) and get the OnGuard foaming hand wash and two dispensers for free!! So that's over $50 of products for $32!! • We use OnGuard all year for its immune boosting properties and how it protects against seasonal threats. It's also a great disinfectant that I make cleaners with. Here are all the ways we use it: • in a roller ball and put it on the kids' feet each night before bed • diffuse it to purify the air • DIY hand sanitizer spray, which I always have in my purse when we're on the go and can't wash hands • DIY cleaners and disinfectants for my kitchen, bathrooms and yoga mat •Pesty mouth sores (clove is amazing for all mouth issues) • Add to toothpaste, a healthy mouth is a healthy body. • Since we started using it regularly, we've dealt with less sickness, especially during the school year. And if we do get something we combat it with OnGuard to shorten the duration and also protect everyone else in the house. Each time you use it, whether you wash your hands with it or diffuse it, it gets into your bloodstream and gives your immune system a boost! • This is a great time to begin using natural health products in your home to reduce toxin exposure, as well as natural remedies for a healthier you (and your fam)! One small change can make a huge difference. If you don't have a doTERRA account, contact me and I'll set you up so you can take advantage of this!

I’m not perfect. My form isn’t always perfect. My baby crawls all over me. But I don’t make excuses! This is a real video of my workout from home this morning. I work hard, sweat and give it my all for 30 minutes and then go back to being a mom. I don’t need fancy equipment just commitment. If I can do it, you can do it too!! • • • • #fitmom #momswholift #momlife #fitlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #postpartum #fitmomsofig #noexcuses #fitgirl #girlswholift #fitchick #yogamom #fitspiration #girlswithmuscle #fitmoms #fitnessmotivation #igfitmoms #healthymom #fitchicks #getfit #transformation #fitmama #strongmom #momswithmuscle #fitpregnancy #boymom #mom #bbg

My happy place. Hubby and I love the beach. What’s your happy place?

If you think you can’t go out to eat and find the #healthieroptions or #alternatives you are out of your mind! Lol! It doesn’t matter where you go. You can make it work for you! Food should be delicious and enjoyed, so get out of the negative mindset that eating healthy is bland or that you can’t ever eat out because you are on a “diet”. Y’all know I hate that word! Anyway - Today is my fiancé’s birthday so we decided to get take out from @outback 😋 I know I’m having a lemon blueberry cupcake from @buttercupscupcakes (no doubt about that!!!) later so for dinner I decided to go with a side salad, grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies. I told y’all I could eat salad every day! I chopped up the chicken, added it to my salad and voila! 👍🏼 Veggies on the side to top off my meal of pure deliciousness and I’m a happy girl! #outbacksteakhouse never fails when it comes to seasoning their foods just right. Also - if you’re eating out and need a little help with what’s on the menu at a particular place you really need to follow @butteryourmacros_restaurants ✌🏼 Their IG Page is pretty handy! #healthytakeout #healthylife #healthymom #eatandbehappy #healthyisntbland #foodisyourfriend #changeyourstateofmind

Chocolate is good, but Sunglasses are carb-free 🍫 #theglamorizerlookbook summer collection #new

. 🍕When you’ve had a stressful evening and all you want to do is hang out with the fam and slam Keto pizza ♥️. . 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Every Friday we have Friday “Movie” Night, eat pizza, and have a slumber party in Mommy and Daddy’s room 💗. . 😘What about you guys?

#myjourney #healthyfood #nutrition doing the do - @muunacottage is such a great #protein and a big #veggies #salad with Chinese noodles instead of croutons to pack a crunch. #vegetables #veggiesmost #2bmindset @2bmindset #workinprogress @ilanamuhlsteinrd thank you !!! #weightlossjourney #healthybody #healthymind #healthymom #beachbody

When you don’t hate your body- you live your life without hesitation. Happy to be here #wwfreestyle #weightwatchers #toddlermom #healthymom #healthyliving

4 DAYS DONE ✅💃🏽My 1st & longest water only #FAST 💦 Seriously checking in with everyone on my stories kept me going so THANK YOU😘 When everyone around you thinks you’re crazy & doesn’t understand what you’re’s so good to have my #ketocommunity 😊I will definitely be doing another #waterfast soon💦 #ketofam #ketomama . . I broke my #fast with #bonebroth followed by a little gyro meat (bc Ty took it over😏) & then eggs over pulled pork. . . If you’re interested in #fasting I recommend Dr. Jason Fung’s book “The Complete Guide to Fasting” If you are considering an #extendedfast please be sure you #fastsafely I have been #intermittentfasting for 1 year & worked my way from 16hours / 24hours / 36hours / #3dayfast before attempting longer. . #type2 #fastingforhealth #weightloss #fastingmama #ketoweightloss #t2d #insulinresistance #ketomom #ketogenic #detox #ketorest #ketoandfasting #keto #ketodiet #4dayfast #ketoweightloss #chicagoketo #drjasonfung #healthymom

Back to S C H O O L is just around the corner! And with that comes the challenge of finding a creative and thoughtful, but also useful, gift for your kids’ teachers’! Why not give them something that’s . ➕Creative ➕Thoughtful ➕Useful ➕F R E E ! Classrooms are crawling with C O O T I E S and germs, so give your teachers something that will keep them (and all their kids) healthy and their immune systems strong. Stock up on OnGuard goodies tonight (limit 5 per family) and get a jump on this year’s teacher gifts! B U Y one bottle of OnGuard essential oil blend and G E T the OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash and 2 dispensers for F R E E ! DM me if you don’t already have an account so we can get you this deal at an even lower price! This deal ends at 2am EST tonight!!

🍋 Drink warm lemon water in the morning to speed up your metabolism and detox your body! Just kidding. Lemon water isn't going to help with either of those things! More on metabolism boosting foods: More on detoxing the body with food: