If you needed proof of Clint's badassery. Secret avengers vol 3 issue 14. . . . . #hawkeye #hawkguy #clintbarton #themalehawkeye #clintbartonappreciationclub #secretavengers

My heterosexual friend keeps sending me pride month stuff like I appreciate her thinking of me and supporting me but it's literally everyday from the moment she wakes up to the moment she goes to sleep idk how to stop her cause I don't want to be rude

yes please

odinson grp is recruiting 3 new members! ((special thanks to @xbrielarson for making the logo!!)) RULES -mbf these accounts: @awidowswork @quitemarvelous @bisexualrogers_ @stxrsoldier @frcstgiants @sthormbreaker @tchclla @lycnnas @holmes.jpg @voidswanda @starksnack @avngrstrash -must be a marvel editor (can be multifandom marvel just has to be one of them) -tag 2-3 editors who might be interested -repost the logo (swipe and screenshot) with #odinsonrct2 NOT #odinsongrp or #odinsonrct! -we won’t be choosing based off of views or followers, we’re looking for talent! -we’ll be choosing our new members on july 10th! good luck!

This was quite funny oKAY

Feels like home... Everything is a little better with a few episodes of this... #M*A*S*H #mash #hawkeye #trapper #alanalda