This Thursday, I’d like to take a moment to have some #realtalk with all of you: starting a business is hard. Like, really really hard. You wear every hat, at all times, and learn most things along the way. And wearing every hat at all times means that inevitably, there’s going to be a hat or two being neglected (with me having only one head and all). I love working for myself, but there’s a lie I bought into that I know many other people wanting to freelance or start a business do, too: you have to have it all figured out before you leap. If you wait until you have even half of it figured out, you’ll never take the leap. Because there’s some lessons you can only learn in failing, in being vulnerable and allowing others to step in and help, and in choosing to have faith when you don’t feel like it. One of the hats I don’t have figured out, but can now give more head space to, is my social media feed. I love stories - it’s part of why I love branding so much- and this is a platform where I can share my own, as well as giving you a glimpse into the stories of my clients. You’ll notice my feed changing to reflect that, and I’m stoked about it.

First time doing isometric design. With MooseLabs Logo.