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Get yo sweat on while workin legs, glutes, inner thighs & core with this drop set 💦 - Drop the weight every 10 reps until you’ve completed 30 squats! Rest 1-2mins, repeat X10 🔥 300 squats in total - (find a starting weight that is hard but manageable for 10) . #39weekspregnant #9monthspregnant #fitpregnancy

Another go at an acai bowl this morning. Had more carbs available this morning so I added more goodies 😍😍 #food #fitbump #fitmomsofig #fitpregnancy #yummy #fruit #acai

Super loving this new program! Like I really think it was made with me in mind! Thanks Joel! 💁‍♀️ . Why do I say that? . 🙌 Timing: 30 min/day only four days a week; it's so much easier to get motivated when you know you don't have to spend FOREVER working out! . 🙌 BUILT IN CHEAT DAY!! Say what?! Yep. That's right! I can still satisfy all of those pregnancy cravings! . 🙌 Flexibility to choose which days I work out and which days I rest! Especially with being pregnant, some days I feel better than others. This allows me to really listen to my body. . 🙌 BASIC weight lifting mixed with quick HIIT cardio training. I'm not going to hurt myself trying to do some crazy exercise I've never done before. . I can't wait to do it a second time postpartum and really be able to go all out with no modifications! . Sound like this program was made for you to? We are running a LIIFT4 test group! You get to be apart of a group of women who are doing the same exact program as you to help keep you motivated! Join us!! . We have already started prepping!! Spots are limited! Message me!!

Not moving quite as fast but still trying to get more sweat in between sets #27weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #keepmoving #phoenix

Happy Mid-June. Junes’s giveaway is our favorite balancing toner, Bright Side. This refreshing rosehip tea toner gives an immediate glow to your skin! #giveaway #SyncYourSkincare . Follow us and tag 3 friends to enter! [Winners will be announced on 06/26/18 in caption. ]

You know when you see something so delicious and you wonder, “does that taste as good as it looks” the answer here is YES!!!! I was super excited to dig into this lunch today. P: 6 oz Costco chicken sausage from the night before V: 10 oz of bell pepper mix (frozen from Trader Joe’s) F: 2 oz avocado and fruit 6 oz of cherries 🍒 what I love about #brightlineeating is that you can make meals as simple or in depth as you want! To all those bright line chefs out there, I’m up for some suggestions of spices you would add to take this next level @bright.line.katie @brightlineerika you two [email protected] mind first! #brightlinebites #healthylifestyle #fitpregnancy

🤰40 weeks + 2 days. 🙄Truthfully, I wasn't planning on coming to the gym today. I was gonna take a break feet barely fit into my running shoes anymore! But when Rosey and I were cuddling in bed this morning, I asked her what she wanted to do today and she said, "Go to the gym!" Ok, ok... I will take that as a sign from above!😂 ❤I love that my 4.5 yr old is my accountability partner!! #fitpregnancy #40weeks #bumplife #stillpregnant #patience

Rückenschmerzen, Schlafprobleme, Schwangerschaftsübelkeit oder Sodbrennen? Viele Schwangerschaftsbeschwerden lassen sich mit der richtigen Ernährung und Bewegung angehen.🤰🏼So könnte dein Tag mit Keleya aussehen. Die Keleya App kannst du übrigens kostenlos herunterladen. 👉 Link im Profil! 👈 . 🇬🇧 Do you suffer from backpain, sleeplessness, morning sickness or heart burn? With Keleya your day could look like this. 💕 👉 You can download the Keleya App for free! 👉 Link in profile 👈 . . . . #schwangerschaft #pregnancy #schwanger #pregnancyapp #fitpregnancy #pregnant #fitmom #healthyfood

Every day our due date gets closer, and all I hear is "you're still here?!" "You didn't have her yet?!".... just bring me ice cream please 🤣🤣🍦🍨🍧

I always try and choose to speak positivity over myself especially when it comes my new body. I know their truly is beauty in the wounds left behind after carrying my triplets, but if I’m being entirely honest, it has been especially hard the last couple of weeks to fully embrace my body like I normally do. I am not really sure why I have been so hard on myself, but it has been difficult for me to see the beauty in my extra skin and saggy muffin top. 🌿 I know how important it is to be kind to myself. I know the power in self love. I talk about it all the time. Yet here I am, struggling. Forgive me, I’m only human, and I struggle too sometimes to fully embrace and love the extra jiggles, forever with me stretch marks, and the skin that just seems to sag. 🌿 Today is just a hard day, but tomorrow is always a new day. A day in which I can choose to see the beauty in my body. Self love is not easy, but it is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It helps us to be strong and confident women. 🌿 For whatever reason it has been extra hard for me lately, but I know what the truth is. I am beautiful. My body is strong. My inner self is strong. I am sexy. I am brave and valued. I am so deeply loved. My body did a lot of work to carry my children and I will always choose to celebrate my body for what it is now even when it is hard to do. I will shake off the negative thoughts and remind myself that I longed for these wounds. I have to choose to appreciate my body. Carrying and delivering a baby just changes your body. And it is okay to have hard days. 🌿 Loving yourself is a one day at a time kind of journey. And some days are just more difficult than others. Whatever you do and wherever you are in your journey, choose to do your best to love your beautiful and strong mom body because it did a lot to carry your children. 🌿 How is your postpartum journey going? • • Regrann from @thefortintrio - #PostPartumFitness #PostPartumWeightLoss #MotherRunner #TransformationPhoto #PostPartumBody #PostPartum #PostPartumJourney #FitPregnancy #FitMom

✨The importance of having a healthy and “fit” pregnancy. As soon as you find out that it’s not just about you anymore, something automatically shifts. Your motherly instincts immediately begin to kick in! I remember the second I found out I was pregnant I questioned everything I did.. from what I ate, how I exercised, what chemicals I put on my body, what I drink, etc. The list can go on. It can be a stressful time because you feel as though you should just stay locked up in a room to protect that baby. 🙈 I didn’t want to do a THING wrong. The one thing I knew was that now was the time more than any to eat a healthy diet full of Whole Foods and to make sure I get daily exercise! Working out while pregnant has been seen as unsafe for many years and sadly it still is deemed that way. I can’t tell you how many DMs I’ve gotten telling me I’m hurting that child by the exercise I do. Quite honestly, it leaves dumbfounded. I feel like most people just assume I should be sitting doing nothing and eating all the junk food cause that’s the running joke for pregnant women. But.. why is eating healthy and exercising seen as so “unhealthy” to people? Isn’t now the BEST time to start doing that to feed and nourish your baby to the best potential you can? I want to show pregnant women, moms, women who are looking to have kids in the future, that health and fitness is most critical during pregnancy! That it is the best thing you can do for yourself, but most importantly your child. You are not incapable of movement while pregnant. Is it harder? Most definitely. But is it worth it? 100%. Health and fitness should be the top priority during your pregnancy. Because I know all mothers want to do what is best for their child! Taking care of your health, nourishing your body, and moving your bump can be the most simple and beneficial thing to do for that baby. ❤️

Haha One of my fav transformation 💞💞💞. Send me yours 📸💓😗. Follow this cute momma 😚 @sweetrendy . Follow:@super_pregnant007👈👈 # #super_pregnant007 . REPOST:📸@sweetrendy # 👇👇👇 FOLLOW:@super_pregnant007 👈👈👈 . Follow:@Pregnantandperfect @Stylish_bump @Thefashionbump @Bumpbabyandco @Baethelabel @Queenbeematernity @Notsomumsy @These.sonny.days @pregnancyguide @pumpthebump @thebump @maternity @postpartum @healthy.pregnancy @pregnantandperfect #pregnant #pregnancy #grossesse #shootout #pregnantphotos #pregolove #babybelly #pregobelly #pregnantbelly #prego #babybump #growingbelly #maternity #maternitystyle #fitpregnancy #momlife #instawomen #maternityshoot #inspirepregnancy #humpday #bumpie #bump #hamileanneler #bunintheoven

How do I fit it all in? This is a question I get in my DMs a lot. Work, yoga, family, friends etc etc. I work between 50-80 hours a week depending on what’s going on, pre-pregnancy I was putting in 6-10 hours a week on my yoga mat (you can go back and see the “My Week in Yoga” posts on my blog from June-October last year if you want to know what that actually looked liked), and then spending time with my husband/friends/family, satisfying my needs to watch crap TV, run a household, and be alone quite regularly too (I need alone time on a weekly basis to recharge for sure). Oh, and sleep. I NEVER skimp on sleep: after 5+ years of getting up a 4.55am for work when I did a different role, I am a firm 8 hours a night girl these days. So yeah, having written all that down, I’m not sure how I fit it in either! But one thing I will share with you is that I am pretty ruthless when it comes to prioritising. If I don’t want to do something, if it’s not important to me and my goals, I say no. So I say no a lot. I always tell people that I am a great ‘in a crisis’ friend, but a shit day-to-day one for exactly that reason. So my advice? Know your priorities, commit to actually allocating your time to reflect them, say no, say no again, and NEVER feel guilty for doing so. In my personal experience, thats the only way to fit “it all” in. Just remember that the “it all” is going to look different for each of us, and it will change through-out our lives. . This is another section of my practice from the weekend as tonight I am prioritising time with one of my best friends. This is 10min split across 3 videos. I don’t think I’ve ever done those bound rotation thingys (anyone have a better name for them?!) in my practice before. I love that there are still so many new things to try and discover in this yoga malarkey!

#transformationtuesday Finishing up my 2nd trimester, and feeling great! I’m really tired lately but still managing to lift at least 4-5x a week and cardio 4x a week. I jog a couple miles a day or do stairmaster intervals. I do 2 weeks of splitting lower and upper body, the following 2 weeks are full body push and pull combinations. I am eating very clean with a few indulgence snacks when I feel like it. I’m up 18 pounds and I’m totally ok with it! I definitely think eating chicken and some red meat has helped me maintain muscle and I have never eaten so much fruit in my life, but it’s better than ice cream and candy😂 I am working the same amount of insane hours with the exception of only one client on Saturdays. I’m up every day at 5:15am and sleeping by 11pm (of-course a mid day nap and a cup of coffee to pull me through!). Getting up and down is annoying and I roll off things. My belly grows by the day but so does my heart. ❤️ I am obsessed with classical music and candles, I still prep all my food (and my husbands!). Some days I definitely feel like my groin is going to rip due to relaxin, but I find the more I sit the worse it gets, so on my feet is best🏋🏻‍♀️ I have definitely fallen in love with my belly and this baby, he kicks me like crazy if I eat sugar but it’s so adorable. We have the name picked and now working on the nursery, leaving on our baby moon in Southern California July 19. Coming back to baby shower and birthing classes, it’s a packed schedule from here on out. Lets do this 💙 #fitpregnancy #strongbodiez #personaltrainer #morethanmuscle

Thinking maybe I should retire this shirt.......naw, it’s too much fun! Still living out of our bags but hope to be in our new home next week! 🙏🏾🤞🏾 quick stair master session! ke it!! Happy Sunday y’all! 💪🏾🏃🏾‍♀️ 💪🏾🏃🏾‍♀️ #postpartumfitness #motherrunner #justdoit #fitmoms #nikeplusrunners #nikeplus #ihavearunnersbody #mommyfitness #fitmomsofIG #postpartumjourney #blackgirlsrun #womensrunningcommunity #runlikeagirl #fitfam #fitsnap #prettygirlssweat #momswholift #divasrunning #runnergirl #runnerchic #naturallychicfitness #momswhorun #fitpregnancy #fitfamily #runnersofinstagram #igfitmoms