A boy and his chickens 🥚🐣🐔🐓 . . . . IMG: 1997.024.0001.0012 "3 Times Colorado Poultry Champ Mike Ryan," circa 1945-1955 . #chickens #poultry #historicphoto #4h #countyfair #douglascountyfair #coloradohistory #fromthearchives

This recounts a personal exploration of the Arkansas River, from its headwaters to the plains. The approach is first person journalism, it's a story about the natural and cultural history of the river in Colorado and Kansas, and Max McCoy's sometimes life-challenging experiences on and around the river. #bookstagram #arkansasriver #kayakadventures #naturewriting #riverhistory #kansashistory #coloradohistory #riverjourney #riveradventure #elevations

Although farming and ranching keep eastern Colorado alive, the towns that support those livelihoods got their start because of railroad expansion. This massive undertaking was not without its consequences. The Lincoln Land Company was incorporated in 1880 with the sole purpose of selling land that had been given to the Burlington Railroad by the U.S. Government. Land was already being sold off as a commodity by the railroads since the close of the Civil War, but incorporating separate companies to take care of the legalities made the process more streamlined. Burlington had been given this land in exchange for a promise to build the intercontinental line as well as a vast network of feeders built by it and other railroads, but only a small fraction of the gifted land could be used for rail construction. The rest was sold off to settlers to encourage them to live close to the railroad. Setting a price and selling was often difficult, as the land was arid, and often inhospitable to the farming techniques possible at the time. Towns were platted and sold as fast as possible, and if other towns were already established, but not where the rail lines would be built, they were doomed to wither away once traffic started to move around them. The towns of Akron, Amherst, Brush, Bryant, Eckley, Fleming, Grover, Haxtun, Holyoke, Hyde, Keota, Leslie, Pinneo, Raymer, Stoneham, Willard, and Wray, among many others, were founded in this way. The machinery of building a town presence and moving to the next was so speedy that there was little time for reflection regarding what the town should be named, with names sometimes running in alphabetical order down the rail line. More to come in the book! Have you ever been to eastern Colorado? -- -- #coloradohistory #colorado #monuments #akron #nightphotography #longexposure #photooftheday #heynext #coloradoscenery

We are doing an in-depth Study of Colorado History this summer, with many local field trips (some destinations are set to be quite odd and quirky!🤪) and our first was a big hit! Our favorite yet! Check out how cool this slo-mo vid is of Destiny shooting!! #destinysworldschool #fortvasquez #coloradohistory #historyiscool

Colorado roots.

4th grade field trip to the Colorado State Capitol. #coloradohistory #coloradostatecapitol

A lazy Sunday walk through the Colorado History Museum with @cneverve11 and @piggie_smalls_tnp #modeltford #originalbroncosgear #denver #colorado #history #coloradohistory #interactive #museum #coloradohistorymuseum

The Ute people have long been an integral part of the story of Colorado and Great Sand Dunes. For centuries, they have thrived in these rugged mountains, preserving their lifeways and cultural identity. Many regional towns and natural features have Ute names, and our neighboring state of Utah means 'Ute people'. The Ute word for the Great Sand Dunes is ‘saa waap maa nache’, ’sand that moves’. _ Ute leader Ouray and his wife Chipeta valued all human lives, regardless of skin color. They worked tirelessly to try to save lives during conflicts between settlers and the Ute people, sometimes even warning communities when they learned that some of their dissenting tribal members planned to attack. After the Meeker Massacre, when Ute warriors killed 9 government employees and took some of their wives and children as hostages, Ouray and Chipeta negotiated with their own people for the release of the women and children, then traveled to Washington to testify before Congress, where this photo was taken. At Fort Garland, located just south of Great Sand Dunes, they often visited their close friends Kit Carson and Josefa Jaramillo Carson. The friendship of these four culturally diverse people helped to usher in a new era of peace in the San Luis Valley. Learn more about Ouray and Chipeta at nearby Fort Garland Museum: Photo: U.S. National Archives #GreatSandDunes #Chipeta #Ouray #Ute #Utes #JosefaJaramilloCarson #KitCarson #FortGarland #SanLuisValley #ColoradoHistory #MeekerMassacre #Peace #FindYourPark #EncuentraTuParque

This is an interesting memorial because unlike most, it also honors those veterans still living. Lake County is one of the seventeen original counties in Colorado, and has a population of only about seven thousand people. That's less than half the population of Leadville in its prime, and indeed Leadville is the only incorporated city in Lake County. Despite this small slice of Colorado's population, Lake County's veterans have willingly defended all the citizens of the United States, even those who have never heard of their tiny, close-knit communities. While other local luminaries are interred in Evergreen Cemetery, this memorial serves as a reminder that, were it not for their service, many others would be forgotten. -- -- #coloradohistory #colorado #monuments #leadville #astrophotography #graveyard #cemetery #sky_captures #skyscape #landscape_captures #nightsky #nightphotography #longexposure #nightscape #photooftheday #heynext #denvertographers

Happy World Whiskey Day! 🥃 . . . . IMG: 2009.084.0022 "Howard Hill behind the bar at Devil's Head Inn" 1952 . #worldwhiskyday #ryewhiskey #whiskey #cheers #fromthearchives #coloradohistory #historicphoto #blackandwhitephotography #bartending #castlerockcolorado

These rock formations are so majestic... #uteindians #coloradohistory #gardenofthegods