I know yall seen it in my story already.. but until I get these selfies poppin, this little boomerang will have to do💅🏾 Perooo like.. I finally got Faux Locs and I am obsessed😍 Thanks everyone for all the love in my DM’s on this look❤️ - They were done by the lovely @hair_by_cille_doll ❤️

That moment in the mirror when you realize you look good AF! #YASSS

It’s not selfish to love yourself , take care of yourself ..&& to make your happiness a priority. It’s NECESSARY ✨

Back again, tell ‘em it’s Ger with the black hair again 🙋🏾‍♀️

✨THE TUCK & SWOOP✨ .. Full Video On YouTube + IGTV ________________________________ 🔸🔸

WHATS IN YOUR SPRAY BOTTLE? It’s 2018, we’ve all outgrown the “Water + Conditioner” mix in our spray bottles (If you didn’t know, having a spray bottle handy is a perfect way to refresh your hair and curls without having to get it soaking wet) My current favourite mix is: *Water *A little Leave in Conditioner *Aloe Vera juice (super moisturising) *Tea (just regular tea and it makes your hair so shiny and reduces shedding massively!)

Don’t you just HATE when you see that bomb wig with the little camel lump at the back? THE WORST! Wigs look a lot nicer and a lot more natural when they lay nice and flat. 1. Braid your hair when it’s damp with lots of product. It’s easier to manage so you have a better grip of your strands and your hair is stretched. 2. Make sure you do between 6-8 braids minimum. The more braids the flatter they will be. 3. Get someone to braid for you, better visuals and control. 4. Wear a wig cap. It just adds that extra bit of flatness. Lol #askcolourmecurly

I'm so obsessed with this wash n go!! One of the best wash n go I've ever done!😍 CLICK the link in my bio to check it out.

Subtle yet Supple. Makeup Artist: @bria.kailyn


I really love this blonde color more and more the longer I have it. Should be time for a touch up around September...I don’t know if I wanna keep the honey blonde or go even lighter. Hmm🤔👩🏼

I think I missed taking my hair pics 😄 my camera roll is FULL of them now