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If you viewed my video a few weeks back then you would know how badly I needed God and all of his angels and disciples to order my steps across that stage. My walk may not have been the most feminine but I didn’t fall and for that I’m grateful. So thank you God for guiding my feet in those stilts (heels) that Saturday. 😂🙏🏾🙌🏾 📹: @c_obi88 (🤔 I have no idea why she was shaking, hell I was the one that was nervous) • • “Only compete with yourself to become a better you” • • #fit #fitness #model #npctennessee #npcfigurecompetitor #fitnessmodel #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #dedication #cleaneating #gym #healthylifestyle #d2tone #inspiration #melanin #locs #blackgirlmagic #melanin #bodybuilding #abs #tattoo #heels #prejudging #pose

Low-Range Dragon Flag Progressions. Planking and curl-up's getting a bit too easy? Think you're ready to start training for Bruce Lee's famous ab exercise? Start with these progressions to work your way up to full Dragon Flags. I work with low-range flags for spine sparing reasons, so all of the following progressions will incorporate low ranges, which can be more challenging. Once one progression gets easy over time, advance to the next. • 1) Tucked DF. Grab hold of something secure above head in the supine position. Start with your knees and hips bent close to the body. Keeping the spine in neutral, use the arms to lift the body up in unison just a few inches off the ground, and then lower back down tapping the buttock on the ground to count for reps. Be careful not to fully drop your weight on the ground in between each rep. Pivot upwards at the upper back. • 2) Advanced Tucked DF. Very similar to the previous progression, except the with legs simply a bit more extended out to increase difficulty. • 3) Single Leg DF. Have one leg tucked, and the other leg fully extended in the straightened position and repeat movement as mentioned. Make sure to switch legs with each set! 3) Full Low-Range DF. Keep the legs straight, aligned with the body. Repeat the movement, tapping the ground with the heel to count for reps. All you're missing after these is a yellow jump-suit to fit the part of a martial artist super star.. Waaaataa!

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“Lean to TRUST the process”. People are so accustomed to quick and instant results, technology has done this for us, communication, shopping, researching things online it’s all instant. When it comes to fitness people want instant results, they want quick fixes, instant fat loss, to loose 20lbs in a month, and to spend so much money on pills and shakes to get instant relsults. People will do anything to lose weight, but they won’t do what it actually takes, which is eating right, exercising with a purpose, and having patience. If you’re on a journey of trying to change your body, trust the process because change takes time. ESPECIALLY if you’re a natural (not taking steroids) and even more so, a natural female. Also, the slower the changes are that you make to your body, the longer the results will stick, especially with fat loss. Trust the process and love the process, and you’ll make major strides in your programs. . . . . . #girlswholift #abs #bikinicompetitor #npcbikini #offseasongains #growingseason #teamlocofit #topgunfitness #bootygrowth #girlswhosquat #lululemon #gymsharkwomen #fitness #gymlife #fitlife #npc #personaltrainer #nsca #spokanefitness #spokanebodybuilding

Protein is necessary to create muscle but you need to put in the work in order to gain that muscle.

Here's a short film I'm working on w/ @iamartgarcia Putting in work consistently. FULL VIDEO COMING SOON.

Don’t stop until you’re the fucking best. Thank you @deionmock for your training and guide. When I slack and bitching, you call me on it and keep me going✊🏼 find the positive people in life and keep them close. 10 weeks out and the gains are upon us #barbelllife #fitlife #fitness #underarmour #gains #backday #bouldershoulders #converse #abs