54/100 Quick bus studies and Saturday night colors 🖤💜 #100dayproject #100daysofanalogart

19/100. SPACED OUT. When it's so hot outside your mind goes somewhere else 🌞🌚🌎 #100doodlesofpun #100dayproject #the100dayproject #spacedout #funwithpuns #playwithwords #3amcrafter

{34/100} The Lotus is the national flower of India. It brings back memories of my childhood. I remember heading out to the ponds and lakes with friends to explore. We were more interested by its leaves than the beautiful flower. Today I was drawn to paint this beautiful flower.... I don't know why.... but I'm glad I did because I could go back in my memory lane and cherish those moments! Oh! The joys of being a child! Every little thing brought us soo much joy!Messy paints and beautiful art brings out the child in me. What little things make you happy? #100daysofpractice #100dayproject #the100dayproject #100daysofart #100dayschallenge #Watercolor #watercolour #watercolourpainting #watercolorpainting #watercolorlotus #lotus #lotusflowers #flowersofinstagram #modernwatercolor #floral #flowers #surfacepattern #surfacepatterndesigner #textiledesign #wallpaper #wallcovering #comercialinterior #handdrawn #design #linen #upholsteryfabric #interiorfabric #homedecor #patterndesign


I’ve been MIA for 5 days, celebrating birthdays and enjoying family time. My 6yo has discovered UNO and is obsessed, we’ve played several times a day, often starting before dawn 🤨, he’s worked out a strategy that often sees him win without any assistance. So I’m counting all 5 MIA days even though I’ve barely picked up a pencil, because down time and family time are essential and often where some brilliant inspiration comes from. Above is a portrait of me and my sink. We spend a lot of time together 😏 #100dayproject #100daysofpaperpeopleandportraits Days 36-41 (I think 💭) /100

044 55 degrees pretending it’s 75! and wishing we were still drinking spritz’s in paris...! beautiful and delicious nonetheless . . . #100dayproject #100creativedays #fooddiary #drinkdiary #aperolspritz #dreamer

Day 54 of #100bookscenesproject || “I burned to defend myself, but fortunately I had a bright idea. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that if I began to speak up for myself I should lose my peace of soul; I knew too that I was not virtuous enough to let myself be accused without saying a word, my only hope of safety was to run away. No sooner thought than done: I fled… but my heart beat so violently that I could not go far and I sat down on the stairs to enjoy in peace the fruits of my victory. It was undoubtedly a queer kind of courage, but I think it is better not to fight when defeat is certain.” - The Story of a Soul, St. Therese of Lisieux . . . Late post for yesterday’s book scene. This one is from an autobiography of one of my favorite Saints, St. Therese de Lisieux. I can’t begin to fathom how much she means to me as a sister and guidance in doing the little way in loving Christ and others. There is so much to learn from her; I highly recommend her book. #books #bookstagram #100dayproject #the100dayproject

I know, I know, it’s Sunday and I should be brunching...hard! Instead, I’ll be crunching hard...at the gym...because we’ve officially hit the 1/3rd benchmark on our adventure of 100 Michelin stars in 100 days. Tally is 36 Michelin stars acquired in 32 days. Woo-hoo! Time to eat some cake? Probably not. #amyeatsstars #michelinstar #100dayproject #hawaiigirleatstheworld #100michelinstars100days

47/100 It’s a great week to be proud of the Irish, so how about we take a look at an Irish feminist and revolutionary? Bernadette Devlin McAlinskey was a civil rights leader in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. While a student in Belfast, she was an organizer for the civil rights group the People’s Democracy. In 1969 she was elected to Westminster as an Independent Unity member for Mid-Ulster. She was 21, the youngest woman ever elected. Due to her involvement later that year in the Battle of the Bogside - a huge riot in Derry that was one of the first conflicts of the Troubles - she was convicted of incitement to riot and served a six-month prison sentence. She was re-elected in 1970, taking her seat as an independent socialist. She was witness to the events of Bloody Sunday in 1972, when British soldiers opened fire on a group of peaceful protestors, injuring 28 and killing 13. She was consistently denied the floor in the House of Commons by the speaker to discuss it however. When the Home Secretary Reginald Maudling said that the soldiers firing on civilians were acting in self-defense, she walked across the floor and slapped him. She made several trips to America to tour and give lectures. Her speeches drew comparisons between the oppression of Catholics in Ireland and the oppression of African-Americans, successfully alienating Irish-Americans by condemning them for their history of supporting white supremacist policy. She helped found the Irish Republican Socialist Party and served as its national executive. In 1981, she and her husband survived an assassination attempt by the Ulster Freedom Fighters, where she was shot 14 times in front of her children. Her abrasive manner and ideology made her unpopular in politics as she got older, but she continues to be involved in politics and to support feminist causes. #100dayproject #100wonderwomen